The Difference between Essays and Articles


Both an essay and an article can be part of the academic tasks given by your university. The best writing services know the similarities, but also the differences that may be harder to reveal themselves at a first look.

Usually, an essay is given during college, by the professor. It can be a reflective, persuasive, narrative or expository paper. Your reader will most likely be your own professor who wants to check how well you’ve understood the course and your thoughts on a certain thesis.

An article is generally written for publication purposes, and it is commonly encountered among researchers, under the form of a research paper. Moreover, some students who have graduated and wish to continue their academic career will also start to write for academic journals or publications.

Although both of the writing pieces share the same structure, meaning introduction/body/conclusion, they address a different audience and have a different purpose.

Establish the purpose

  • Persuasive

Undergraduates write papers because they are a normal part of their student life. Essays are written assignments that are given to evaluate the level of knowledge. They can also be part of a final exam, where the professor’s goal is to grade the students.

Generally, essays are persuasive because they require a thorough research. Looking for information and credible sources lead to an excellent argumentative paper. The goal of an essay is to convince the reader of a thesis that is supported by valid and credible arguments. But when students are out of time, many hire paper writing services.

  • Informative

The goal of an article isn’t to convince anybody of anything. Researchers write articles to inform the world of their discoveries. They don’t spend long hours in the library or in a lab because they have to please a professor, but because they want to get a clearer insight on a matter.

The article is actually the conclusion they’ve come to after doing various studies. Researchers are individuals who are passionate about a subject that they want to discover more information about, in order to better understand how things work.

Consider the audience

  • Professor

Even if you are good at writing or like to create novels or poetry, it doesn’t mean that you would willingly write an essay for school. That’s exactly why they are called academic assignments, because someone asks you to write them. This means that under other circumstances, the students wouldn’t write a 5 or 10 pages long essay about history, for example. That’s one of the reasons why they appeal to writing services so often.

Not having a personal involvement in the essay is not a problem, because the only goal is to pass the course. The professor will evaluate the student accordingly and grade him/her, regardless of how much the student liked the subject or not.

  • Professionals

Doing a research and knowing you are going to present in front of an audience filled with professionals in your field takes responsibility. When a study is completed, the academy members will write an article and will sustain their discoveries in front of a crowd or will publish it.

The article has to contain important information that could change the direction of future research and studies. Without presenting valid arguments that can be proven, there would be no article to publish. Also, you have to believe in your article, to be able to stand up and support it, knowing that you are addressing experts in the field that are qualified to support or dismiss your piece.

Whether you’re writing for school or for yourself, your paper will still have to pass the general writing test, that is to be coherent, to make strong claims and also to use an academic language.

Many students hire paper writing services when they’re pressured by time or need the extra time to prepare for another assignment. The difference is that when graduates appeal to the best writing services, they’re not looking for a bigger grade, but for extra research that will improve their article.

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