How to Write a Paper on a Book

Your lecturer may require you to write a research paper based on a particular book. He intends to test your understanding, analyzing, and interpreting abilities of that book. The task may appear difficult to many students since it involves too much research. So given such a job, how should you go about it?

  • Read the Book Twice

To understand the book, you should read it at least twice. Check the meaning of all difficult words from your dictionary. Any idea that interests you, jot it down on a notebook. Do not ignore any vital point. Wherever you get that idea, note the page number. You can also write your reaction after reading it.

  • Pick the Main Points

As you read and take notes, you might write so many points that will exceed your required word count. That means you have to decide on the most critical point you want to highlight. If there is an interesting character in the book, you can choose to emphasize him/her. You can also decide to give the story’s essence. With this information, it becomes easy to structure your ideas. Developing your research paper will become easier.

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  • Outline the Main Ideas in Each Paragraph

You cannot start writing a body without knowing what you want to write about. If you are going to write five paragraphs, begin by writing a guiding sentence of each section. It will help you not to divert and write irrelevant things in those paragraphs. In your outline, before you start writing, you can include some topics and subtopics. They will guide you when you start writing.

  • Choose the Right Structure

The length of the paper will depend on the word count in the instruction. The right structure should have an introduction paragraph that introduces the content. It should have a body with several paragraphs explaining the main points. You should give your final concept in the introduction paragraph. Check the structure below.

  1. The Introduction

Give a brief description of the book in the introduction section. That includes the story’s summary and a brief introduction to the story’s main character. Based on your analysis, you should also include the main concepts. Finish by introducing the topic that you intend to research as well as the main idea.

  1. The Body

Include the most relevant parts, like specific scenes and quotes. Give a good illustration of the main characters. Describe their personality and background. Briefly describe the conflict that occurred. Talk about conflict resolution and the characters’ journey to achieve it. To avoid giving a whole story again, only focus on the key moments.

  1. Conclusion 

Summarize the story in three or four sentences. To define your final position, give a definitive statement to show what you gained by reading the book. Explain how important the book is to you.

  • Review the Paper

Take a break and review the work later. If you have a friend near you, let him examine the work on your behalf. Let him give you an honest opinion about the work. Make any necessary adjustments, including removing errors and mistakes.


Reading the book twice equips you with ideas on what to write about. You must pick the right points to avoid re-writing the whole book. Use the proper structure to present your paper. Finish by reviewing your paper or even giving someone trustworthy to proofread on your behalf.