Simple Guide on How to Write a Book Report

Writing a book essay after successfully reading is the last thing that crosses the minds of people. Most people find it so tedious, or a chance that may seem to have no fun at all.

A book report gives you a golden chance to understand the work and its owner. It gives you the privilege to write about the book after you are done reading it and allows you to provide a straightforward summary of the text. Below are simple steps on how to write a book report:

  1. Read the requirements of your book report

You should first read and follow instructions before embarking on anything. The instructions direct the writing of your book report and are essential. Make sure you know the required paper length, due date, and any formatting requirement. You don’t want to write a book report only to hand in to get its past the deadline. Following instructions is crucial as it indicates the number of citations included, and the focus on either summary or analysis.

  1. Read the book

This is the most critical step in writing a book report. There isn’t any logical explanation of how you can write a book report without having to read the entire book. You have to take enough time to ensure that you get through the entire book. Try to avoid online summaries as you can’t guarantee their accuracy. Instead, read the book as it keeps your paper in mind.

  1. Take notes when reading

As you read the book, start identifying evidence and details that you can use in your report. When reading, keep a pencil around you so that you mark something curious or when a writer discusses major plot, or character. Taking notes will come in handy when citing examples when writing your book report.

  1. Create an outline

After you have collected all the knowledge required by reading the book and taking notes, you have to create an outline. An outline is a plan on how you will organize your paper, what you will discuss, and what you will include. It is a paragraph-by-paragraph listing that ensures paragraphs flow into each other.

  1. Intermix examples and quotations

While constructing the outline, try to pair general points with specific details of the book. While at it, be careful not to overuse quotes. If in your paper every other line is a quote, you have to remember that they are just like examples. Intermixing examples and quotations show that your level of comprehension of the text is high.

  1. Don’t try to cover everything

You shouldn’t be carried away by the idea of perfection so much that you try to cover every detail of the book. It is impossible to do so. An attempt at it would be setting yourself up for failure. Instead, focus on making sure that your book review includes the most important ideas and gives the reader an unforgettable effect.

When writing the book report itself, open with an informative introduction paragraph. You have to inform the reader of the author’s name and the book title. Your opening sentence should be attractive. It should grab the attention of the readers into focusing on the setting, general plot summary, main characters, themes, and the writing style. It determines whether or not your book report is read.